Denver roofers
Don Dimig, owner of 1st American Roofing is a licensed general contractor that has built everything from office buildings to multi-million dollar apartment complexes.

While other roofers might know what the top of the building needs, Don understands your building’s needs from the ground up.

That means he can recommend roofing options that can improve the overall value and efficiency of your building- options that most other roofers will overlook or may not even know about.


Commercial Services

Whether it’s a small repair project or a multi-million dollar development, we can handle it.

  • New construction subcontracting
  • Hail and wind damage repair
  • EPDM membrane repair and replacement
  • Ballast work
  • Inspection and construction audit
  • Hot Tar repair
  • Insulated subroofing
  • Asbestos mitigation*

Commercial Products

1st American Roofing offers top of the line products for virtually any type of commercial design. Whether it’s new construction, or repairing a decades-old roof, we’ll make sure your building will be problem free for years to come. We work with all major commercial roof types, including:

  • Composite Shingles
  • Steel
  • EPDM
  • Synthetic hot tar

Got an older tar roof?

Until recently, an aging hot tar roof was a huge headache.

Because of the expense and liability of hot tar, most roofers won’t touch it. This has driven up the price of hot tar repair, forcing business owners to choose between two very expensive options:

Do you pay out the nose to have new hot tar applied or do you pay even more to have the tar removed completely and replaced with modern EPDM?

Finally the answer is NEITHER!

1st American Roofing is one of the few roofers in the Denver area that specializes in a synthetic hot tar alternative.

The product is applied much the same way hot tar is, but without the heat. This means no open flames on your roof or a smelly tar boiler truck in your parking lot.

Just like hot tar, the product can be applied to trouble spots, or can be used to recover the entire roof.

But unlike hot tar, our synthetic alternative will most likely outlast the rest of your building. Whereas tar becomes brittle in extreme cold, our product remains elastic.

What’s better still is that our product is available in white.

Covering your black tar roof with our white tar alternative can reduce surface temperatures by over 30% and attic temperatures by 20%.

Contact us for more information about alternatives to hot tar.


*Some services offered through our industry partners. Contact us for details.