Most insurance companies come through when you need them. But there are times that getting your claim paid can be a bit of a fight.

It’s times like that that you need an honest roofer on your side that’s willing to be your advocate with the insurance company.

Of course it’s better to avoid a disputed claim to begin with, and we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners do just that.


It’s not uncommon for insurance adjusters to miss items or repairs that should be covered in your claim.

Most roofers do the work they think needs to be done, hoping that they adjuster agrees. But we will meet with the adjuster and walk through the job with him/her to make sure that everyone is in agreement before the job even starts.

• Don’t file a claim until you’ve had your roof fully inspected.

Even if the damage is clearly evident, it’s a good idea to have the roof inspected first. Quite often the damage can be repaired for less than the cost of your insurance deductible, and it can help you avoid having your premiums go up.

• Contact your local agent before filing a claim.

Your local agent can give you advice that the operators in the call centers aren’t allowed to. He/she can tell you whether filing that claim will raise your premiums and they tend to be better informed about which roofing companies should be avoided.

• Watch out for door-to-door roofers.

Legislation passed in 2012 has helped stop some of the scammers, but unfortunately a lot of the old games are still being played. What has Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said about door-to-door roofers?

 ”Never do business with a contractor who just shows up on your doorstep.”