Customer Testimonies


I have been working with Don for several years now and I find him to be very honest and forthright with me and my customers. He knows what to look for and more importantly is willing to meet with the adjusters and explain why he thinks what he does. He’s not out to just sell a roof, he’s out to make sure the right thing is done. I won’t refer my clients to anyone else!

Dwight Peterson

Farmers Insurance Group, Broomfield

Summerstorm Roofing Materials
1st American Roofing is a company that has proven itself to stand out amongst the competition in the roofing industry. Don Dimig and his team are extremely quick to respond, more than honest and fair in price, and outstanding in workmanship. In the sea of roofers out there, they have proven themselves to be a trustworthy, affordable, reliable and professional company. I never hesitate to recommend them to clients and friends as a solid choice for any roofing need or issue, and I’m grateful to have years of positive experiences and feedback to support my recommendation with confidence. I owe 1st American Roofing many thanks for all their hard work and dedication to being a remarkable company!

Kristen Gacoin

The Melissa A. Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc., Boulder